I've come across this page that included a super rare find, a mp3 rip of a tape of William Gibson reading his defining novel Neuromancer.

I thought this would be an interesting use of speex, as these files are 1/4 the size. It is a shame the mp3s that I sourced were of really poor quality, however the speex files are understandable...

I have downloaded WinAMP 2.24 & the speex codec so you can quickly install them, and listen to No Agenda!
Be sure to *NOT* install the Windows Media pluggin, as it will not work on moder n versions of Windows, while this version of WinAMP will work on Windows 7.

WinAMP 2.24 - 1.2MB
Speex codec for WinAMP - 116k
Wininet - for machines without Internet Explorer 3 .0 or higher

So without further delay, here is the speex files. If you have a media player associated with spx files, it should magically work.

Tape 1, side 1
Tape 1, side 2
Tape 2, side 1
Tape 2, side 2
Tape 3, side 1
Tape 3, side 2
Tape 4, side 1
Tape 4, side 2